Planning A Wedding Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore! Hog Roast Cowan Bridge Is Here To Help!

In the movies, they make planning a wedding look like a cakewalk, but in real life, things are rarely that simple! Instead, couples will often find the months before their big day is spent pouring over seating charts, comparing colour schemes, hunting down *the* dress (and the rest of the wedding party’s wardrobe too), finding the perfect venue and arranging a caterer. Oh and, on top of this neverending list, there is also a budget to stick to. Talk about stressful!

Hog Roast Cowan BridgeBut at Hog Roast Cowan Bridge, the last thing we want is for newlyweds-to-be to be consumed by the stress of planning a wedding. This is why we offer our clients the choice between a selection of our premade wedding menus which can all be fully customised to suit the individual needs of your special event. You can trust us when we tell you, that with us in your corner, you’ll never have to worry about a single thing! Our decades spent in the industry has seen us cater at more weddings than we can count, and you’ll be pleased to know that we always go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of both our customers and their guests.

So, when Emily and Simon called to ask if we would be able to cater for their big day, they were made to feel at ease from the very beginning. With so much on their plates already, it was great for them to be able to unload one of the most important tasks onto Hog Roast Cowan Bridge. Since their plans to have a big wedding had promptly changed, the pair opted for our introductory wedding catering package. This is ideal for more intimate ceremonies as it offers a more stripped back approach to wedding catering.

The nuptials took place in the back garden of Simon’s parents home where the couple had asked our Hog Roast Cowan Bridge team to serve a main course of spit-roasted, rosemary seasoned spring lamb with mint and a mustard and dill sauce, accompanied by crusty bread rolls, sauces, jacket wedges and a trio of salads. Vegetarians were offered grilled veggie skewers and the magical evening was rounded off with a slice of delicious wedding cake dressed in ripe berries, summer fruit coulis and fresh cream.