Hog Roast Hawkshead

hawksheadAs a hog roast Hawkshead caterer, I get to see some parts of the country that many people have never visited or possibly even heard of. I was recently asked to perform two hog roasts in Hawkshead and after looking up the place on the map, I set about arranging for two large hogs to be delivered to my location. I drove up to Hawkshead on the morning of the wedding that I was asked to cater at. I can honestly say I have never seen a more beautiful place in England, it was just a lovely little village situated just west of Windermere and east of Coniston water.

The couple had chosen a pig roast Hawkshead for their wedding as it was romantically how they first met, they had both attended a music festival as singletons and went up to the hog roast stall at exactly the same time and both ordered pork sandwiches and asked if the stall had any cheese and were both told no, they both looked at each other at this point and got chatting.

Here I am with plenty of cheese as a special request by the couple and I am also qasurrounded by plenty of locally produced ale! Hawkshead has one of the best breweries in the UK and the groom suggested that everyone sample the delights of the ales produced in these parts of the UK.

He was correct when he told me that a hog roast sandwich would go down perfectly with a chilled bottle of Lakeland gold or Lakeland lager, I don’t recall seeing any bottles left at the occasion but there you go! For the hog roast Hawkshead I used a special blend of coca cola and barbecue sauce as per the couples request, I use this method quite a lot in order to obtain a good mix of sweet overtones to the meat itself. I don’t add too much coke in the cooking of the hog as to avoid burning the overall skin of the hog but just enough to obtain a great caramelised glaze to the hog and the crackling.

The Best Hog Roasts In Hawkshead

My hog supplier knows his stuff when it comes to supplying me with the finest grade hogs, they are respected animals, they have plenty of space to roam and enjoy a fun life before being utilised and celebrated by me and my customers. I have heard that some people expect a hog roast to be a very fatty affair with poorly cooked meat and bad consistency. This has never happened with one of my roasts, especially the hog roast hire Hawkshead I manage to check over each hog personally before preparation and cooking. The trick to avoiding the fatty hogs is to ensure that your roasting machine is prepared with enough gas, the hog itself has not had a dormant life where it can produce a lot of fat and to make sure that the cooking time is long enough for the meat to be at the optimum consistency FullSizeRenderand flavour.

I guess the tricks of the trade are life skills that will always keep a wedding party going, as long as there is plenty of chilled wine and beer on offer! As the wedding and location are situated in the Lake District, I like to visit local farms wherever I go in case I can pick up some extra treats. In 1951 when the Lake District began to attract tourists, the farms capitalised on the growth and began to sell off their produce. As I had driven up early, I decided to visit some of these farms and possibly get some extras for the hog roast later that day.

I went to one farm that sold some of its meat to visitors as well as some vegetables too I bought some of their locally produced sausages and some herbs to add into the evenings hog roast. The flavour that came from the hog after roasting blew me away. It really pays to take an interest in your local farmers and what they offer, the supermarkets will always be there offering great convenience to all that need but the local farmers offer better quality and much better value for money, minus the plastic containers that clog up so many of our landfill sites in the UK.

The hog roast Hawkshead catering really went well and I’m so pleased that I was included in the wedding and provided a great taste and aroma in a great place with an astounding atmosphere!