Hog Roast Millom

millomHog roast Millom is the place where I have one of the best jobs in the world. Seriously! I have always wanted a job where I am in control and able to meet different people on an almost daily basis, and that is exactly what I’ve got. I also have the chance to work in England’s greatest county, Cumbria, meaning that I am only a short drive from the Lakes. Now that can’t be at all bad, can it?

I had always been a bit of a frustrated chef at heart. Always enjoyed cooking for friends and relatives and they in turn had always encouraged me to take my hobby further but I never really took it any further. Then, one summer, I got invited to a friend’s 40th birthday bash at a local hotel. I thought that it was just going to be a pretty regular sort of ‘do’ but when I got there, there was a hog roast chef working on this fantastic looking whole pig. It looked brilliant and I thought ‘crikey, that looks like a brilliant way to earn a living’. Even better was to come, because the hot hog roast rolls that were served were superb and easily the best party food I had enjoyed in years, if not ever! My mind was made up, I wanted to do what the chef was doing.

The Best Hog Roasts In Millom

Fast forward five years and here I am, a fully fledged hog roast hire Millom caterer. It is the best thing I have ever done and it’s allowed me to escape a dead end job that gave me no satisfaction and instead undertake rewarding work that I wake up and look forward to. What’s also brilliant is that everybody seems to love hog roast Millom events so much that they constantly tell other people and that helps to not only make me a very caterer but also keeps me extremely busy witSpitting Pig Cateringh new bookings. I know that times haven’t always been great for hog roast hire Millom caterers. Hog roast seemed to disappear into the event catering wilderness for decades, being replaced by some really dodgy catering solutions such as pizza, pork pies and cold meats. I know that some people like these things but it’s hardly special occasion food, is it? When you use the word ‘special’, you should mean it. Anyway, after a fairly long time in the shadows, it seems that event organisers are beginning to find a love for hog roast once more. Hog roast is on the up in Millom and other places throughout the UK, so it could be farewell to lousy catering food and welcome back hog roast. This all means a busy diary for me and lot of slaving over whole pigs, but don’t feel sorry for because I love every minute!

Leaders In Our Field

If you are not familiar with hog roast (and a lot of people aren’t) then it may help if I give you a few interesting facts surrounding this veritable feast. Hog roast is not wild boar but a whole pig, so don’t be getting nervous about what the meat might taste like. In fact it’s a great quality whole pig that comes from one of my reputable Cumbrian suppliers. We produce good meat in these parts, you know. As for the cooking, I don’t create a huge open fire for my hog roasts. Instead, I use something much better and more efficient; the hog roast machine. This is a smart piece of mobile equipment that allows me to cook the qawhole pig to perfection. What’s more, I do this so all guests can see the cooking taking place, which is always a source of fascination.

Hog roast is a great value catering option for all sorts of events. If you have a significant sized party then it may be worth noting that hog roast can, on average, feed over one hundred people. Quite remarkable really, and all from just one of my pigs! And as for serving hog roast, well, I’ve mentioned the delicious hot hog roast rolls which are very popular but gourmet hog roast dinners are a winner. too. Any formal occasion can be enhanced with one of my stunning hog roast meals.

This is why I love my Millom hog roast catering job. It gives me a chance to cook great food with top ingredients, show off my cooking skills and even use my presentation skills to serve up a variety of hog roast themed dishes. Hog roast is a total winner for me and the people of Millom.