Hog Roast Sedbergh – A Rustic Rural Service

   Recently, the Hog Roast Sedbergh team were hired by Julie, originally from Hebden Bridge, for her event at Howgills Barn on Castlehaw Farm. The food was served to a garden party from under a fantastic marquee under which the team’s buffet was served. The barn was surrounded with some fantastic scenery including some beautiful rolling hills that created a fantastic setting for her event. The garden had an arrangement of picnic benches for Julie’s guests to sit on to each their hog roast which complimented the rustic, rural theme.

Hog Roast Sedbergh

   Julie selected a classic hog roast menu which was cooked by the team onsite using the Hog Roast Sedbergh team’s professional Hog Master machines which helped to create some fantastic crispy crackling which was served on the buffet. A selection of sauces and a range of homemade sides were also served on the buffet table including apple sauce and homemade stuffing. In addition, to keep the buffet casual and rustic, the Hog Roast Sedbergh team served bread rolls for the meat. As an alternative to the meat, a vegetarian option of lightly grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers served with pitta breads. At the client’s request, the team also served additional side dishes including mixed salads and coleslaw. In addition, chips and sausages were also cooked on site and served to the team.

   The Hog Roast Sedbergh team served their buffet to a medium sized group of 51 people which was a perfect size for producing a smaller buffet full of high quality food. The buffet itself was served from 8pm so it was important that the team did hit the deadline as it was late service and a delayed service would lead to upset guests. The guests and client alike both really enjoyed the food and many of the guests returned to the buffet table for second helpings. They were really pleased with how the food looked and thought that it tasted really fresh. The secret to the team’s fantastic tasting food is the fact that they prepare the food on site to ensure that they harness all of its flavour.