Connecting Industry Professionals With Hog Roast Slyne’s Corporate Catering

Corporate catering can come in many forms for a business. At Hog Roast Slyne we work within many different industries to provide local and global businesses with dining services for a variety of occasions. Sometimes it is as simple as lunch for a workplace staff, other times it requires a high-end dining experience for an existing or potential client. Sometimes it is more generally for an industry, such as providing catering to conferences and networking events.

This is what our Hog Roast Slyne team were doing last week. We were invited out to a networking event for the local games industry community in Slyne. This was an event put on with the intent on connecting the local professionals and up and comers in the games industry with each. The hope would be to foster future collaborations either between those looking for work or looking for ways to break into the industry. To go along with the show the event also consisted of around 3 hours of speaker presentations that ranged from detailing what their studio has been up to, what has and hasn’t worked for them, or how best to put yourself into a position to be hired. As part of their entry fee guests were also to be treated to a buffet for the regular breaks every half an hour. This is where our Hog Roast Slyne team came into play.

Hog Roast SlyneSince the intent of the event was to have folk talking to each other, our team knew that having heftier meals probably wouldn’t be appropriate. Guests would be moving around a lot and standing in conversations, so foods that could be easily held and eaten was the priority. That meant we went for a buffet with a lot of filled rolls or lighter bites, such as canapés, that could easily be snacked on throughout the event. We went with one hog roast as a first choice so that we could easily keep filling the buffet with pulled pork rolls along with vegetarian choices and smaller sides and lighter bites.

On our end the event looked to be a big success, and our Hog Roast Slyne team even enjoyed joining in on some of the crowd interaction games that closed off the evening!