Hog Roast Blackford Catering For Everyone Invited!

Hog Roast Blackford offers so much choice and variety that you won’t believe your eyes but we always have our customers and all of their guests in mind, rather than just the majority. We understand the need for alternatives as well as additional possibilities and regardless of the type of special occasion that you need us to cater, we’ve got you covered, with delicious homemade food that can be tailored to include everyone you invite.

If you only need one of our sumptuous hog roast centrepieces all by itself, served as a main (either as part of a plated meal or as our pigs in buns, which is our name for hog roast rolls), that’s perfectly fine with us. Our signature food is loved by many and we have a long list of repeat customers who order the same thing each and every time – and that’s because it’s so mouth wateringly scrumptious that people can’t get enough of it! However, if you prefer different meat or you need options that cater for certain diets or even if you prefer to enjoy several courses, Hog Roast Blackford can still easily cater in style, with gorgeous food to suit everyone.

Hog Roast Blackford We can cook up a feast with spit-roasted meat instead of a hog roast if you prefer; for instance, with piles of turkeys or chickens or a hunk of beef or lamb. Or how about one of our standalone menus to tickle your guests’ taste buds instead, like our Alfresco, with its three courses that include antipasti platters of meats, cheeses and breads, a hog roast main and then a choice of desserts, like cheesecake and profiteroles or sticky toffee pudding and fresh fruit salad. Our Southern Slow Roast, Loaded Fries or Barbecue may be the perfect choice, or it could be that your very own menu would be instead, made from mixing and matching items within our menus, as we have a great array of canapés, starters, sides and puddings to select from.

Whether you fancy a hog roast or something entirely different and whether you need alternatives or additional options, Hog Roast Blackford will do you proud, so call us today to see how.