Corporate Hospitality

The idea of a big picnic, BBQ, or even a pool party sounds so fun; especially for those of us freezing our noses in this hostile cold weather at the present. No need to worry, Spring is just around the corner and with Spring comes beautiful blooming flowers, birds chirping, and of course – our slow roasted pigs cooking to perfection! Allow us to take you on a tour of our catering business one yummy bite at a time – for now; you’ll have to use your imagination.

Our delicious BBQ 100% juicy 6 ounce burgers cooking on our world renowned hog roasting machine smells just purely divine. However, for those truly devoted to hosting the best all out fun BBQ this coming Spring, you should definitely take a good look at our spit roasted pig served with freshly prepared apple sauce, delicious stuffing, and perfectly crispy crackling. This delicious menu option is available with sides or on a freshly prepared flour roll.

Regardless of option, a personal chef will be provided to prepare, cook and carve your meat of choice. Our catering business has been helping UK residents host informal outdoor events for their families and friends for years; and we highly recommend our buffet style menu option for these types of events. We will come in and set up the serving table, as well as cook – but better yet, we will handle all the clean-up as well.

For those wanting to have a private party outdoors that is a little more economical, you might want to consider looking at our hog roasting rental machines. These machines are top notch cookers; rentals are available by the day or for an entire month, if needed. All rentals include vats for cooking, as well. To find out more information about our outdoor informal menu options for private parties, simply click on that icon when visiting our website. Or if you would like to inquire about our rental hog roasting machines; you may visit our website or call us with questions.

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