Hog roast Dent

A hog roast Dent is a superb way to provide traditional catering to your friends and family. A hog roast will certainly impress them with Dents beautiful scenery located right in the heart of the countryside. We’ve been very busy this month with August just around the corner its heading to be an awesome summer for hog roasting all around. Today in fact we have been asked to cater for a retirement party of 50 starting at 8pm tonight down at the local village pub. IMG_0129
The hog has been scored, rubbed with salt and is now sat in the machine ready to slow cook fro 6 hours. We believe that roasted low and slow for 6 hours creates the most perfect pork! While the pig is roasting away the juices are flowing around the machine keeping the meat juicy. Once cooked this evening, we will lift the pig up out of the machine and serve to the guests. You may think 50 people is quote a low number of guests but in fact numbers dont really matter to us. All pigs come in different sizes, so dont let numbers put you off the idea.