Hog roast Shap- Summer is officially over.

Well it is safe to say and with sadness too summer is officially over for hog roast Shap, ah but let’s not dwell too much it is after all nearly Christmas! Its funny that when summer is over autumn gets some what over looked as all we can think about is Christmas but to be fair at hog roast Shap autumn is a busy period for us as is every season to be truthful we are never quiet we may have the odd weekend end through the year but you can guarantee if that happens then the next week we will be twice a busy. This is the time of year when we start to incorporate lots of nice hot home made soups and broth this works so well at a function as the machines have huge containers on each side and in these containers you can keep your broth of soup nice and hot for hours and poured into a polystyrene cup with a lid and you can have a nice broth in one hand and a sandwich in the other.

People often say ‘Do you get quiet when the summer is over in hog roast Shap’ now if you had asked that question several years ago we would have said yes but now the answer is no we are just a busy now if not more so by the look of our orders the latter is most defiantly true! We also tend to replace the cool crisp fresh salads with more hotter vegetable versions for instance the vegetable kebabs are a winter favourite, we use red and green peppers with courgettes and place them on the machine then when they are cooked we cover them is a lovely warm dressing and then caramelise the kebabs another winter warmer we often chop and change depending on the season winter season is more for comforting foods and feel good food and we always try to improve on this.

Winter will be here before we know it and many give a hearty sigh nut come on winter is such fun granted the weather is cold but don’t you think that it’s so cosy too? Look forward to winter and cherish each and every day and let the Spitting Pig bring some comfort to you with a hearty hog roasting party fine wine and great food and company what more could you want the weather really is irrelevant. So next week our driver is flying across the country handing out the machines to the enthusiastic hog roasters why not join the craze and do it your self we have plenty of machines to go around we even have our own factory that produces the machines and we design the machines there really is nothing you can teach us at hog roast Shap we are always there to fulfil your request big or small. We do say roll on winter as we are looking forward to winter so much and especially a visit from Father Christmas now don’t get us started, we wont be able to sleep!