Hog Roasting in Crewe

Spitting Pig Northern UK has been enjoyed the lovely sun and roasting our wonderful pigs for our glorious guests. Our chefs are having a wonderful time doing something they really enjoy in the beautiful sun.

They had a hard event roasting two pigs for a company in Crewe. The company had two employees who had spent years with the company and was sadly leaving, so they decided to have a hog roast celebrating the good times and them sadly embarking on a new adventure.

We had roasted a couple of hogs for the company twice before and they were friendly and very polite, we knew who was leaving and it was a shame but hopefully they don’t forget us and want a hog roast with there new company.

We set up bright and early and were expect to roast long into the evening. This wasn’t a problem for us we decided to roast one pig two hours before the other since when all the meat was gone from one we still had a whole pig to be eaten, that’s if the first pig was all eaten up. We started to roast one of the pigs and began to set up our serving station, with soft buns, fresh Bramley Apple sauce and delicious Stuffing. This would be a marvelous send off for too hardworking employees. After a while guests began to arrive in little groups until slowly but surly masses of people began converging on the event. We fired up the other pig and waited for the other pig to be ready.

Eventually the pig was ready for service and the guests gave a cheer of delight. They had been waiting for this moment for awhile. We dug the knife deep into the pig’s crunchy skin, unleashing a flurry of delicious smell into everybody’s noses. We quickly and efficiently carved off bits of meat, put them onto a carving board and carved up the meat for perfect fit for our soft floured rolls. My colleague then got a spoonful of Apple sauce and Stuffing onto the meat in the bun and served it up ready to be eaten.

Quickly dishes out the tasty treats overjoyed just after one bit customers where complementing our food. It was so heartwarming after working so hard to get some praise. The queue was extremely long and it wouldn’t go down since after one tasty treat they came back for more and more good job we roasted two pigs instead of one, we always bring more than enough food. The other pig was cooked and I started to cut up the freshly roasted pig while my colleague continued to serve out to all the hungry customers. Customer realized this and queued up by the hog roast machine I was at. We both handed out Pigs in a bun and slowly but surely the queues slowly faded away.

We said our goodbyes and sent good luck wishes to the two people leaving and took our leave. We discussed what a wonderful event we had and went home for a brew and to clean the hog roast machines.