Hog Roast Lorton

Want to impress your family and friends this summer then you can by hiring us to cater for you, a wedding, christening or birthday we are here to help and take the stress and the burden out of the food side of events so you too can have a great day! Here at hog roast Lorton we see it all the time the host really stressing we always say take a back seat sit back and let us do the worrying but to be fair there really is nothing to worry about all we want from you is the number of guests that will be attending and the menu then we want you in fact we insist that you sit back and enjoy your self! We will be there to greet your guests and and serve them you really don’t need to concentrate on anything apart from having a good time! Hog roast Lorton have over twenty years of experience so you are in safe hands we are more than qualified of doing a good job and we really do push the boat out and go out of our way to ensure you and your guests are happy.

We prepare the food all fresh at your venue and cook everything fresh too we wouldn’t dream of ever bringing food with us that had been pre cooked and when the food is cooked we serve it to your guests and we keep serving and when everyone is full and had enough to eat we quietly without disturbing the guests clear away. So you can mingle with the guests enjoy a glass or three and have fun! Hog roast Lorton know one thing for sure your guests will be so impressed and your event will be the talk of the town in the months ahead! To many people worry about parties and it really takes the edge off for them worrying and hoping all goes well, we are here to tell you it will and we will make sure of that a celebration is just that and we are there to help you celebrate in style enjoying our wonderful food!