Hog roast Wasdale- Great demand!

What to say about this month other than to start with that hog roasts were in even greater demand in August than they usually are and I’d know because I’ve been on the catering front line making a hog roast, chicken roast and all other types of spit roast and tray roasts for thousands of people. In August we had jobs to cater for parties, to cater for fund raisers, to cater for corporate gigs, to cater for weddings, anniversaries, and plenty more than that.

Last week alone we had a non-stop, one after the other flow of hog roast jobs for each day of the week, from the morning through to the evening. The end of the week brought about the biggest job, a mixed hog roast/lamb roast for a corporate function just down the road from our office in Wasdale. The event was a get together on business marketing in the near future, particularly the new technologies that can be used and exploited for business success moving forward, so it’s kind of ironic that that they called on hog roast Wasdale for the catering, seeing as the machines and technology we use to cater hog roasts is old hat to the tune of thousands of years!

It’s obvious they had good taste for 2 reasons, first because they booked Spitting Pig, second because the menu they opted for had my 2 favourites, spit roast pig and spit roast lamb. I always prefer cooking, not to mention eating, the roast lamb and pig, I’m not sure why, but with both on the menu I couldn’t wait to get to the venue and show them what an authentic Spitting Pig roast pig and lamb dinner was all about.

Setting up our 2 small spit roast machines one next to the other I then turned both on and watched with keen eyes the progress of the meats as they cooked… not that I needed to, as it turned out the many guests at the job were more than happy to watch for me, their eyes every so often peering over, though trying to do so discreetly so not to come across as rude while there were speakers on stage! But I could see there was as much interest for the spit roast as there was the talk and when there was a break in proceedings, 3 hours after I started the roasting, I started to serve the food at the agreed time and it was cooked just right, I don’t think anyone could have done a better job than I did and the response of enthused delight from every guest, even the one vegetarian who had a vegetarian curry I cooked up, said all that needed to be said.

Hog roast Wasdale was once more the winner on a big night. Already we’re speaking to the client about linking up again the next time his marketing function comes to down.