Alex’s – Mcgregor vs Khabib Party Catered By Hog Roast Wigton!

Since leaving university, Alex rarely saw much of his close friends despite keeping in close contact. It had been months since they’d seen each other and it was Alex’s turn to organise their next get-together. On the weekend of Saturday 6th October, the event Alex had been anticipating for months was scheduled to occur – Conor Mcgregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov in Las Vegas. Alex thought this was a perfect opportunity to invite all his friends round to celebrate. He had a few spare rooms and plenty of pop-up beds and air mattresses for everyone to stay on, however, Alex was a terrible cook and was concerned how he was going to cater for them all.

Head Office - porkDesperate not to disappoint, Alex set about looking for a solution to his catering problem, he considered a takeaway but felt it wasn’t special enough for the occasion. However, he soon stumbled upon the very affordable and tasty looking Hog Roast Wigton. He decided he’d invite all his friends up earlier so they could enjoy a freshly cooked Hog Roast in their garden before staying up late to watch to the fight.

On Saturday afternoon, the Hog Roast Wigton team set up in the garden, beginning their little buffet for Alex’s friends. Yet, the Hog Roast was a surprise and Alex’s friends were delighted to uncover it after several hours stuck on their trains. As soon as it was ready, Alex’s guests tucked in and consumed much more food than the Hog Roast Wigton team first anticipated, however, it was no problem as they team always cook more than enough to ensure that even your hungriest of party guests don’t leave disappointed. Despite only having a few guests, the Hog Roast Wigton team still provided a variety of flavours and side dishes from their Hog Roast.

Alex’s friends enjoyed the Hog Roast so much that they boxed pieces of the Hog Roast up to get out again later during the fight and for their midnight snack. The Hog Roast Wigton team cleared up quickly and efficiently once Alex’s guests had finished and provided their usual perfect service and Alex couldn’t fault them.