BBQ Engagement Party – Hog Roast Pardshaw

Our catering’s in full swing now that summer’s arrived. One thing that’s synonymous with summer in this country is the good old English barbecue and we’re sure we’ll see a lot of those this month – like we did at a fantastic weekend engagement party with Daisy and Elle. The couple met at a local market butcher’s, where both were shopping for pork, and they quickly bonded over their love of good food. So what better than a hog roast in Pardshaw and BBQ engagement party?

Daisy and Elle recently met up with us to plan the menu for their special day. They requested a simple ‘pig in a bun’ main, carved by one of our chefs and served buffet-style, alongside various barbecue meats including our tasty homemade burgers that are 100% beef. While we do have several menus for you to peruse when planning a party, you can of course create your own or make changes in advance with us. For this engagement do, the couple adapted our menus to include their favourite meat dishes as well as an additional vegetarian option of Spanish quiche.

On the day of the party, we arrived at the couple’s home nice and early while most people were probably still fast asleep in bed. We needed to prepare and start roasting our fat hog so that it would be ready in several hours for lunchtime serving. The party was being held in the back garden and there was a space on the patio for our gazebo and equipment, so we got to work. We always recommend that you keep your eye on your roasting animal and over the next few hours we kept watch as it cooked just beautifully, filling the air with sweet, mouthwatering aromas.

We prepared the fresh salads and laid out the serving table as the guests began to arrive. While the hog roast in Pardshaw was ready and just resting, we started cooking our lovely gourmet sausages and burgers. The couple thanked everyone for coming and both made emotional speeches, and then finally they directed the guests to our gazebo and the wonderful food that awaited them all.