Countryside Christening Catered By Hog Roast Shap!

The Hog Roast Shap team spent a very pleasant day last Sunday in the church hall of a quaint little village in the middle of the countryside, helping a proud family officially welcome their new addition into the world when we were catering from their new-born son’s christening! The venue held a special place in the hearts of all generations of the family, as over the years it had been the venue for not only Kate and Rob’s wedding reception, but it was also the place where new dad Rob’s own christening party had taken place 32 years previously!

Cornwall - beefThere was not a sound to be heard in the sleepy village when we arrived bright and early to get the preparations underway and the hall was located in a lovely tranquil spot just behind the church where the christening was due to take place in several hours’ time. Rob was there to meet us and showed us where to set up, then the excited new dad left us to do our thing and scurried off to don his Sunday best ready for his son’s big day! As we were setting up our versatile hog roast equipment, we noticed the hall had been decorated with photographs from Rob’s own christening there, which we thought was a lovely touch to remind everyone of the sentimental significance of the venue.

The Hog Roast Shap team spent the morning diligently preparing the couple’s chosen menu for the day, which consisted of our succulent sirloin of beef, served with horseradish sauce, red wine gravy and all the trimmings, accompanied by garlic infused roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables-all locally sourced of course!

We could hear the ceremony getting underway in the adjacent church and as regular as clockwork, we were ready to serve the special christening meal as soon as the doors of the church hall opened, and the guests started to arrive. The entire congregation were grinning for ear to ear and were all fighting to have a picture with the newest member of their family. When everyone had got their fill of cuddles and photographs, we treated them to a lovely lunch, which was enthusiastically devoured by everyone! It was a very special day for the family in a venue that was full of memories and tradition for them, and Hog Roast Shap were very glad to have helped the family makes some new wonderful memories by providing them with some truly unforgettable food!