Surprise Party with Hog Roast Hawkshead!

Lanarkshire - pig7There is nothing like catering for a birthday party and the team here at Hog Roast Hawkshead love to put a smile on people’s faces and see how they light up when they taste our delicious food. One thing better than a party in our opinion? A surprise party! Which is just what we were asked to cater last Friday.

It was Gina’s 30th and she had been embarrassed of getting older and so hadn’t arranged anything for her birthday. Which was why her boyfriend Frank called us up – he wanted to make sure Gina celebrated and had the lovely day she deserved because in his eyes he said, ‘she doesn’t look a day over twenty-nine’. What a charmer! Of course, Hog Roast Hawkshead couldn’t refuse, and we eagerly prepared the perfect menu for Gina’s surprise.

The big day came, and we were outdoors to roast a hog from scratch. Unfortunately, the weather had made a turn for the worst but due to the event being at a family home there wasn’t enough room for us to cater indoors amongst all the guests. However, we had brought along our trusty gazebo, so it was no trouble we just set up sheltered form the rain and still able to cook a hog to perfection.

As Gina arrived we are sure she would have been able to smell the mouth-watering aroma coming from our hog slowly roasting away but luckily it didn’t give the surprise away. Even more luckily, for Frank, she didn’t seem to mind the surprise and decided to embrace getting older in style! Gina agreed that a hog roast was the perfect send off for her twenties and by the time she tasted our food served on a freshly baked roll with lashings of homemade applesauce she soon forgot all her worries!