Hog roast Alston – February blog.

No snow to contend with in January ‘ thank goodness ‘ !! but the temperature still was still at minus at a few of our hog roast Alston events this month – although we have luckily been indoors most of the time . The cold weather throws up different challenges that we have to factor in for our hog roasting business ie longer cooking times-frozen power washer etc but as usual we always come up trumps.

With thoughts now on summer as our bookings are coming in thick and fast for hog roast Alston we will require a new gazebo to accommodate the extra workload so we are currently checking out all thats out there – we are finding it a harder task than we thought as we want to purchase the right sort that will stand the test of time as a lot on offer are too flimsy to cope with the amount of work ours receive but I’m sure we will eventually find one !.One do we are looking forward to in February is a friends christening that has developed from a small quiet affair into a 200 people in hog roast Alston. They have organised a party with a well known comedian booked as well as a quality singer we are sure he has got this mixed up with his forth coming ‘ stag ‘ do lol!!!