Homecoming Celebration for Newlyweds with Hog Roast Flookburgh!

Anna and Simon had always dreamed of getting married in their favourite holiday destination in Greece and even though they knew some of their loved ones would not be able to travel with them to see them get married due to work and family commitments, they were determined to go ahead with it. They had dream wedding on the beach and a lovely honeymoon to boot, but they still felt a bit sad that not everyone could have been there with them on their special day. They decided when they got back, they would throw a party to celebrate with everyone who had been missing from the wedding itself, so no one felt like they had missed out and they wanted Hog Roast Flookburgh to cater for their special post-wedding celebration!

Having enjoyed an exotic menu for their Greek reception, they wanted some classic British cuisine with a modern twist and the couple found exactly what they were looking for when they viewed our menus! With 50 people to feed who had missed out on the wedding reception itself, they wanted the full works: one of Hog Roast Flookburgh’s elegant 3 course menus, complete with our handmade canapes to get the party started!

They opted for our popular and crowd pleasing homemade soup to start, followed by our delicious slow-roasted pork, accompanied by homegrown seasonal vegetables and our very moreish garlic and rosemary infused new potatoes, topped off with our individual cheesecakes and refreshing fruit salad. With such a great menu to look forward to, they were sure their guests would forgive them for getting married abroad!

When everyone arrived at the function room hired for the event, our front of house staff were waiting with a platter of mini gourmet sausages, wild mushroom bouchees and smoked salmon to welcome everyone in style, before our waiting staff seated everyone and took excellent care of them throughout the meal.

Anna and Simon’s plan worked like a charm-with Hog Roast Flookburgh’s help, they managed to celebrate their marriage with everyone who couldn’t be there on the day and with so much great food and professional service, they felt like they had been treated to a second wedding reception!