Hog Roast Killington Wedding Event

Salad Killington

Early in the morning saw the Hog roast team set off to a farm just outside Killington. On arrival we were straight into action with 280 guests to cater for meant no time to waste. Setting tables , drinks, reception tables to sort, pigs to set off cooking, lambs to season and cook, 5 different salads to prep, roasted new potatoes to prepare etc.  By late afternoon saw the guests start to arrive back from the church and we greeted them with a well needed reception drink; And before long all the guests were seated, the Hog roast Killington wedding team swung into action resulting in 280 guests being served a delicious array of food in a smooth display of catering for a large number of people. Following the clearing of the dessert plates saw a weary but happy team pack away to leave the guest to dance (and drink !) the evening away. Another fantastic event by Hog roast Killington.