Wedding Hog Roast, Warton.

Roasting In More Ways Than One

On a blazing summers day at an event shade is always welcome, especially with the extra heat surrounding us from our machines and thankfully for us our marquee provides us with plenty of shade, which was necessary today where we asked to serve the food at a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony in Warton.

After a short journey we arrived to see a spectacular looking area where the ceremony was to be held and setup our marquee and our machines, and got straight to work to make the food as glorious as the wedding itself. It started with a 50kg hog to salt, season and cook to perfection over the course of 6 hours on one of our machines. As the meat started to look more and more succulent and the hog roast Warton aroma started to spread across the humid air we couldn’t wait to carve into it. Of course we made more than simply hog, to accompany it was crackling, stuffing and scrumptious apple sauce made from apples picked at the peak of ripeness.

After a touching sharing of vows,a beautiful ceremony and a gracious first dance, the guests were ready to celebrate further and importantly to start eating the food we’d passionately and delicately prepared for the 100 or so present guests. The meal started with a toast to the bride and groom, then the carving of the hog roast Warton started, which was met by applause from the guests, who made our hard work feel highly appreciated, especially with the praise we received throughout the event. Our waitress then went around, serving meals to each table who all cleared their plates and asked for more.

The atmosphere was already joyful and had an air of something magical to it but our food helped to keep that atmosphere going and added even more buzz. The food was brilliantly received and we even received a round of applause once it was all finished. Weddings are always an experience to attend as you get to see many people at their happiest and be an important part of a couple’s most treasured memory, which is always a good feeling. Another job well done by the catering team.