Corporate Roast for Architects and Their Clients

Cornwall - canapes 3Hog Roast Altincham had a great opportunity to showcase our culinary diversity last weekend and prove beyond any doubt, that we don’t just do informal food and we don’t just do pork! We were asked by the owners of a newly renovated building in the town centre to provide one of our classy (and as it happens pork-free!) corporate menus at a gathering to celebrate the completion of the project and to thank the architects involved in making it all happen!

They had transformed a former derelict mill into a vibrant modern space that was to be rented out for retail and commercial use, but rather than knocking it down and starting from scratch, the architects had found a way to retain all of the features and façade of the original building and breathe new life into it! We were very impressed when we arrived at the venue and had the privilege of seeing the building before any of its new occupants would, and we agreed with the building owners, that their innovative architects certainly deserved a treat for performing such a transformation!

We were asked to provide the full works for the corporate thank you party, and with the paint still drying on the vaulted ceiling above us, the Hog Roast Altrincham chef was patiently roasting the sirloin of beef that had been chosen for the evening, whilst the rest of the catering team were deftly creating our stunning selection of canapes, including wild mushroom bouchees, mini Peking duck wraps and smoked salmon! As the architects were ushered into the room to admire their own handiwork, our waiting staff were standing by to hand them a cold glass of bubbly and their pre-dinner nibbles. Whilst the chef was carving the blushing beef, the architects were admiring our own expertly designed Hogmaster machine and they couldn’t believe that it could cook beef as well as it could cook pork! They had also been impressed with our canapes and admitted that when they were told a hog roast company had been hired to do the catering, they hadn’t expected such exquisite food!

Cornwall - canapes 5 The evening was a great celebration of the traditional and the modern living in harmony with each other, both in terms of the architectural achievements on display in the building, and the way Hog Roast Altrincham used our classic cooking menus to provide a contemporary corporate menu!