Hog Roast Morecambe Corporate Catering for Yesss Electrical!

Hog Roast Morecambe catering manager James and his trusty team recently had the pleasure of rustling up an awesome lunch for 100 employees at Yesss Electrical. It wasn’t the first time we had impressed them with one of our corporate catering menus- having cooked for them for a previous event, they loved the food so much that Sam, the event organiser, hired us to do it all over again!

Yesss ElectricalWith our unbeatable slow-roasted pork served with crispy crackling and our homemade apple sauce going down so well last time, the team couldn’t wait to try it again! Another reason Sam thinks our food suits the team’s needs to well is because of our ability to cater for well for different diets! As well as wowing them again with our irresistible pork, we were asked to provide vegetarian and vegan options as well as gluten-free bread rolls.

Here at Hog Roast Morecambe we always give it our all with every dish we prepare, and we spent the morning freshly preparing some delicious veggie and halloumi skewers whilst our premium pork was slowly roasting, all ready to be served right on cue that 11.30!

When the hungry employees of Yesss Electrical started to gather, we were ready to greet them with our hearty spread and without further ado everyone dug in, with the help of our friendly catering assistant who was on hand to make sure everyone’s plates were full!

The food was just as well received as last time we catered for them, with both the pork lovers and vegetarian and vegan diners giving us great feedback about our dishes and the quality of our ingredients!

By the time service drew to a close at 1pm, the employees left our serving table feeling very satisfied after being treated to such a tasty, freshly made lunch. Sam was just as happy and was glad our most recent visit to their site was just as successful! The Hog Roast Morecambe team had a great day too and we’re glad everyone enjoyed our superior pork and tasty veggie dishes just as much as last time!