1: Is there a minimum or maximum number of people needed for a hog roast?

No. We are more than happy to cater for smaller groups of people. We have provided hog roasts for many small private parties in the past with less than 20 guests. At the other end of the scale we have provided catering for large events and cooked for thousands of people at once. Whatever the size of your event we are more than happy to cater for you.

2: How much will it cost for a hog roast?

The price is dependant on a number of factors such as location, number of people, time of year, day of event and your menu choice. Each event is individual and will be priced individually. When making an enquiry our sales team will take the basic details and pass them onto the pricing team who will contact you within the hour with your quote.

3: Will you provide cutlery?

Yes. Our hog roast menus include cutlery, crockery, napkins etc. On some of our menus this is disposable on others it is real.

4: Do you provide wedding catering?

Yes. We have experience of all types of events including weddings. That’s why we have created special wedding sample menus. If you are planning a wedding take a look at our wedding menus today. We have designed a range of extra special menus that include all the extras you need for your big day.

5: Where are you based?

We have a central enquiry office in East Lancashire. This is where our sales team is based. As we are a nationwide business we have depots all over the UK. At each depot is an experienced, hard working Spitting Pig catering team. We have set up our teams in this way so that we can cover all areas of the UK.

6: What happens if it rains on the day of my event?

We can cater in any weather condition, and you can guarantee in the North of the UK we have already been faced with all types of weather conditions. We will bring with us a gazebo to protect the food and serving area, however if you are planning an outdoor event we do suggest having a backup plan of shelter for your guests.

7: Why should I choose a hog roast?

A hog roast is a fantastic, cost effective way to feed your guests at any event, without loosing any quality. It doesn’t matter if your event is formal or informal you can be sure that our hog roasts will go down a storm! Is has been said many times that you can’t beat a hog roast roll!

8. What about my vegetarians that are attending? 

This is a question that we get asked numerous times and the answer is that we can cater for any dietary requirement at all. As long as you inform us at your time of booking we can make sure all your guests are taken care of. Vegetarians, vegan, gluten free – it’s not a problem we can cover it all, and with some delicious options to choose from we will make sure nobody goes home hungry!

Want to hear more about us?

We cater for a number of different occasions, and bring all that we need, ranging from our state-of-the-art hog roasting machine to the salads, sauces, sides and of course, the pig itself in our catering van to your event. We do weddings, parties, corporate functions, Christmas, and have bespoke menus tailored to each Coniston hog roast occasion. Our Wedding Menu is perfect for those of you who want to tie the knot in the clean, stunning environs of the Lake District, and having a hog roast is the best possible way to cap off one of the greatest days of your life.

As weddings are one-off occasions where you only expect to dine on the very best food, our menu reflects that by offering the best starters imaginable, your choice of two spit roasts and your pick from an extensive list of desserts. The menu options range from a simple Keswick hog roast with bread rolls, salad and sauce to something more extravagant, where you get starters, potato dishes, soup, salad, bread rolls and dessert, which is perfect for a big crowd. Whatever you choose from our wedding menu, it will be just right for the event.

As our menus suggest, we also spit-roast beef, chicken, lamb and turkey on the machines for the various weddings, corporate events and parties we cater for, and having one of our machines means that you don’t have to rely on using the same oven, grill or hob cookers for everything when it comes to cooking meat.Our machines can fit a whole pig on, and they can easily feed at least 20 people, so limited capacity isn’t a problem. Should you decide to put chicken on your menu for an evening, then you can fit up to four whole ones on the machine. Alternatively, you can fit a whole leg of lamb, a large portion of beef, or two large turkeys on there. They’re very easy to use first time, and serving straight from the machine to the plate is also incredibly simple, which is handy if some of your satisfied diners ask for seconds!

Buying a machine from us is also great for you if you own a pub, standalone restaurant hoping to entice customers, be they locals or tourists, or even if you hired a machine and loved the end result from working with it so much you want to cook hog roasts more often. Having a machine full-time makes cooking meat much easier and more enjoyable, and in the long run, you’ll end up saving money if you buy a whole pig rather than certain cuts.

Whether you want us to cater for your event, hire or buy a machine from us, we’re just a phone call or the click of a mouse away. If you have any queries about cooking or about our menus in more detail, then please feel free to ask. Either way, you can’t go wrong with your next Kirkby Lonsdale hog roast.