Hog Roast Carlisle

FullSizeRenderHog roasting for a whole county can be hard work yet very rewarding getting to see all the nice towns and all the lovely places in them. So setting up hog roast Carlisle was a great opportunity for me and my team to see the great people in Carlisle and give them a hog roast Carlisle catering experience. Getting a foot hold into a county that loves their food is hard work yet with excellent expertise’s, delicious dishes and tasty treats you can work your way to the top and that it what we have had planned.

Getting the right catering company for your special event and that is where hog roast Carlisle comes in we provide 5 star service for any event you require; Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Company Show Days, Business Open Days, Easter, Halloween, Christening, Christmas, New Years eve and even new years day and many more. We have catered for all sorts of events so we have the experience for any event.

The Best Hog Roasts In Carlisle

In some events one of the most important aspects of the event is catering, it is something that the guests are looking forward to the most and getting this wrong at your event could be disastrous, and finding that catering business that can cater when you want, for everyone there and provide an extra special meal that will send you in a spin Carlisle can provide all these requirements and more. We can cater for people for all ages providing beef burger and maybe some hot dogs for the little ones and a Spit Roasted Pig, Spit Roasted Chicken, Spit Roasted Beef, Spit Roasted Turkey, Spit Roasted Lamb for adults and even sometimes children love Spit Roasted meat. We can provide for vegetarians with a specially made dish just for them with every menu there is a vegetarian option. The Pig takes on average around 6 hours to roast so we can arrive bright and early and get roasting for your specific serving time so you know you will have nothing to worry about. We can provide marquees and tables and chairs for a delightful sit down meal. We also leave the left over food on a platter for you to enjoy at your own pleasure to nibble at after your guests have gone, or even keep for meals the next day which is very handy and is greatly loved by all in my experience of being a hog roast hire Carlisle chef.

Leaders In Our Field

The fresh meat we use at our events it is only the best on the market and the salads and ingredients we use are only the freshest, we have built up a friendly relationship with our suppliers and farmers we get all of our food and produce from, we also visit the pigs and pick the one we want so we know how fresh and free the food we roast are. We also have the finest and most experienced chefs around to provide you with the best and top quality saladsresults and dishes as they create things on site from scratch whilst the pig is cooking away. They have been with us for years and are as loyal as they come, so we know they are great at what they do. At any hog roast hire Carlisle event you want the best of the best and we provide nothing less than this when we cater events. We have catered for a long time now and have the experience and expertise’s to provide you with that little spark in any event. Why not make your event extra special and us hog roast hire Carlisle to have a hog roast experience like no other and leave your guests in envy of your catering choice with a pig roast Carlisle style.

If you think of catering some people think of a cold buffet some people think of a BBQ but what would most certainly impress your guests would be a meaty hog roast a catering solution to satisfy all.

Having a pig roast Carlisle chef at your event will certainly make your day extra special you will be left with a smile on your face knowing that everyone has enjoyed your special day almost as much as you as your guests will be guided through the food! So get in touch with the Carlisle team today and we will be happy to assist you and help you select your menu choice that you want.