Hog Roast Grange Over Sands

Hog Roast Grange Over SandsThere are some locations we really want to cater in the UK and found it hard to decide where we wanted to caterer hog roast Grange Over Sands was one of the great popular areas so this is the area we decided to choose, we a proud to be part of a place that is known for quite a lot and varied things and maybe just maybe hog roasting could be one of them in this town.

We are slowing becoming well known in the catering industry and when searching for us on the internet word of mouth has passed and people seem to now search for us by name we are sometimes considered as the first ones to go to when in need of a catering for an event because we have built up an extremely good reputation in which we never let people down and always provide a good results with the menu choice you decide to go with.

The Best Hog Roasts In Grange Over Sands

We have very experienced chefs within our hog roast hire Grange over sands team who have a wide selection of culinary skills in the field of catering and know what they are doing, there is nothing worse than hiring in caterers for your event and then they end up asking you and sometimes even your guests to lend a helping hand at hog roast Grange over sands catering we believe that you should sit back and relax whilst we cook and prepare everything you need on your special day. Knowing how to present a dish so it looks most appealing, in most cases food is considered as art and a well presented dish looks heavenly furthermore you would rather eat a well presented dish that something that has been slopped onto a plate wouldn’t you? You eat with your eyes and that is how our excellent chefs think.

Our esteemed chefs have been to many catering events so they the drill and on the show day we had the other week there skills excelled. Hog roast hire Grange Over Sands was invited to a show day, to show off our skills and get known in the catering world in Grange Over Sands. We took this opportunity with open arms since this could make hog roast Grange Over Sands become a huge success and we could gain a vast amount of customers.

Hog Roast Grange Over SandsWe began to by setting up a couple of Canapés as the pig and the chickens were slowly roasting away next to us for all to see. We had Mini Quiches, Peking Duck Wraps, Halloumi Kebabs, Smoked Salmon on Fresh Brown Bread, Tiger Prawns and Roast Beef in Yorkshire Pudding; we decided to mix it up so everyone would be please they were polished off without a trace we had backup ones just in case and they almost were eaten up.

Once all the Canapés were near extinction the pig was ready to go, so we carved into the pig and unleash the smell into the air and into the noses of all the customers wondering around, this drew the customers to us and they stood waiting my colleague and outstanding chef began to carve the chickens which let out a smell which was pure divine especially mixed with the pig’s aroma. We served the pig roast Grange over sands with fresh and tasty Apple Sauce, Succulent Stuffing, and its own Crispy Crackling and with the Chicken we had Succulent Stuffing and Homemade Onion Gravy. This was a perfect selection since it went down an absolute treat. The pig was mainly selected and some people didn’t want pig they could taste our lovely spit roasted chicken.

Last but not least we set up some desserts which looked heavenly, even some of the customers was amazed at how delicious they looked. We picked a little selection of puddings; Cheesecake, Chocolate Torte, Lemon Tart and Profiteroles. We felt this was enough to cover everyone’s taste buds and indeed it was, Chocolate Torte was the most picked so it was a good job we had loads of pudding in the wings just in case we ran low.

At the end of the day we made a lot of friends and our culinary skills were widely complemented. We have had a vast increase of customers wanting us to host a hog roast Grange Over Sands event for them, so we feel the show day was grand success.