Hog Roast Kirkby Stephen

Parish churchI have only fond memories of Kirkby Stephen it was a place that I visited every year for around five years as a child. My Parents were big fans of the great outdoors and Kirkby Stephen is situated perfectly within the Westmorland area. I grew up with a kind of rustic, old-school approach to life and food, this has transpired very nicely into my career as a hog roast Kirkby Stephen chef. I tend to avoid harsh, sweet flavours in my catering and generally appeal to the older audiences. I have noticed the trend of the older diners from doing hog roasts in corporate settings which has kept me in business through word-of-mouth. The job I have just completed was a hog roast Kirkby Stephen style, I jumped at the chance to work there due to my memories of running through the woods with my brothers and dogs, playing on the green hills and enjoying the weather when the seasons actually meant something as opposed to the free-for-all situation we are in currently!

My latest hog roast in Kirkby Stephen was arranged as a birthday surprise for a gentleman who had just reached sixty years of age. It was arranged in secret by his wife who found aboutus-168x300out that he had never had a hog roast and wanted him to have his very own, she said that he would love it, she wasn’t wrong. I arrived on site in good time to arrange the hog; I was situated in my very own part of the gazebo that had been specially erected for the party no expense had been spared on the event. The catering was in two parts, I was preparing the party food after their traditional meal that they had enjoyed in the day. During my preparation I set out to give the hog medieval aesthetics of bronzed skin, surrounded by vegetables and of course, an apple placed into the hog’s mouth. I like to spend a good length of time preparing my hogs as the presentation is absolutely everything to me.Adding a healthy amount of great sage and onion stuffing is paramount to a fantastic hog roast in my humble opinion. The more time ensuring that the entire animal is ready to roast is much better than a quick once over and then on to cook.

I tend to use a sage, onion and orange peel mix for the stuffing, mainly because as the stuffing mix keeps the meat nice and succulent, the orange peel adds a great extra flavour and not to mention aroma to the hog whilst it roasts.I was pleased to have a hog roast Kirkby Stephen event on a Tuesday as it gave me a good opportunity to visit the market that is held there on a Monday which; includes livestock and local produce. The market is held on Faraday road, which is named after the infamous Michael Faraday. It was here that I managed to arrange the hog for the roast.

The Best Hog Roasts In Kirkby Stephen

My other speciality aside from the roast are the sides I prepare in advance, I like to use crusty baguettes for my roasts, these are lightly buttered and available with or without my own brand of apple sauce. This always goes down well with people that love their pork.For the Kirkby Stephen hog roast, I decided that I would give a great salad selection to accompany the roast, this is not always people’s first choice when opting for a pig roast hire Kirkby Stephen but I have found over many years that a clean, fresh, basic salad gives an extra dimension to the humble roast pork baguette.

Hog Roast Kirkby StephenI also like to offer a side of Macaroni cheese, this is another unusual one that the clients love, I offer it either in a separate container or just an amount on the pork itself instead of sauces this has turned out to be a proven favourite.

The Kirkby Stephen hog roast birthday celebration was a huge success, the birthday boy was the first to come and sample his pioneering hog roast, I advised him that the most tender part was the cheek of the hog, he went with my recommendation and I carefully slid my hickory knife through the meat and placed it on the baguette with a little apple sauce.

His eyes lit up after the first mouthful, he chewed slowly and smiled, this may well have been his first hog roast but I think it’s pretty safe to say that it definitely will not be his last!