Hog Roast Newby Bridge

Hog Roast Newby BridgeIt is amazing how a short school camping trip twenty odd years ago can have such a profound affect on someone, but that is exactly what has happened to me, for if it were not for those few sunny days in a smelly tent then I may never have taken the path to becoming a hog roast hire Newby Bridge chef. I remember the trip as if it were yesterday. The weather was certainly unspectacular, in fact I recall it raining on two of the three days we were there (which is quite typical of the Lakes) but there was something wonderfully serene about this part of the world that made me want to live and work here. The absence of traffic, the green hills, the trees, the wildlife and the people. It was like a different country and I made it my goal to make the Lakes my home.

The Best Hog Roasts In Newby Bridge

I have been living and working as a hog roast Newby Bridge chef for some six years now, and thanks to the growth in popularity of the hog roast as a special occasion and event catering option, I am finding that my business as a hog roast hire Newby Bridge caaboutus-168x300terer is as busy as it has ever been. This is wonderful but hardly a surprise as I always knew that hog roast really was a sleeping giant when it came to special occasion catering.

All this new business is not without lots of hard work. More and more hog roast Newby Bridge events means more and more graft for me, but I don’t mind at all. I have always been one of those people that need to keep busy, which is good because hog roast is keeping me very busy indeed! My day will often start with me checking what the plans are for the next few days, and that will usually mean getting some meat from my supplier. Sounds straightforward but I am a stickler for good meat, with good reason. Good quality meat is absolutely essential when it comes to great hog roast. It’s no good just settling for the cheapest meat because it shows. I am lucky because Cumbria is blessed with some of the best meat suppliers around. I’ve developed a strong relationship with many suppliers in these parts so they know what I want from a whole pig. My hog roasts use great meat and it shows.

A whole pig is a pretty imposing lump of meat so it really needs a good and proper roasting to ensure that it is perfectly cooked. This is probably the hardest part of the whole hog roast process as the whole pig needs almost constant attention throughout the six hour roasting process. This lengthy process is essential because slow roasting helps the meat mature and release some quite incredible flavours, making hog roast one of the best tasting roasting meats around. To help me achieve this, I use my pride and joy, the hog roasting machine. This is a great piece of equipment that gives me total control over the roasting process. It also looks pretty cool, too, and always impresses people at the many functions and events I cater for. In fact I have seen many a chap look enviously at the machine as if to say ‘I’m going to ditch the old barbecue and get one of those’’.

Leaders In Our Field

You would expect a whole pig to be quite an accommodating beast when it comes to providing meat for a big party, but you may be pleasantly surprised at just how accommodating it actually is! I find that every time I cook a standard sized whole pig, I can normally provide over a hundred decent servings of quality pork to me Newby Bridge diners. That really is quite something and certainly something to consider if you are looking for a great value catering option for any special event that you have planned in the not too distant future. You may also want to consider the fact that my hog roasts are freshly prepared that evening. Okay, I do start cooking them before your party started but that is simply to avoid you having to wait six hours before you can start eating. You will certainly not find many catering solutions that provide such high quality, freshly prepared food that is cooked right before your very eyes.

Remember, a special occasion demands special food…so why settle for anything less? Don’t, settle for a hog roast Newby Bridge quality every time!