Hog Roast Ravenstonedale

ravonstonedaleSo, you want to know I made my way into the hog roast hire Ravenstonedale line of catering work? It’s not an easy question to answer, after all hog roasting is hardly something you study at school and not quite up there with astronaut, formula one driver or brain surgeon. It’s a good thing really, because if you could study hog roasting, there would be a lot more competition for me. I actually stumbled into hog roasting, quite literally! I was (and still am) a keen fellwalker and Cumbria is where I do most of walking. As is quite often the case, the weather turned quite swiftly during one of my walks and from being a reasonably sunny early evening, a gale with sideways rain decided to curtail my walk. Wet and tired, I made my way into the nearest village pub, only to be greeted by this incredible aroma. That aroma was not of real ale but of roasting pig. I will never forget it, as it was quite simply amazing.

I asked the barman about the hog roast and he explained it was for a 50th birthday celebration later that night. I would love to have stayed and gatecrashed so I could sample the meat but the aroma was enough to convince me that being a hog roast hire Ravenstonedale was probably a great job to have. Quite by chance, and just a few weeks later, I was invited to a hog roast at a local youth football club. This time got to try the hog roast meat on a roll and I was blown away by how good it was, in fact everyone there – including the children – were loving the great flavours of the meat. That was it, it Hog Roast Ravenstonedalewas time to investigate becoming a hog roast Ravenstonedale chef.

The rest, as they say is history. Four years on and I can quite honestly say that this is the best job I have ever had. What makes it so special? Well, there are so many aspects, in fact I love everything about hog roasting, it’s just the perfect meal and great for almost any special occasion. In my four years hog roasting, I’ve catered for almost every kind of event that you could think of. I’ve catered for hog roast Ravenstonedale weddings in some lovely surroundings, catered for some amazing parties at hotels, pubs and country houses, some action packed Christenings, some lively sportsmen’s dinners, birthdays, wedding anniversaries….you name it, I have been there and cooked hog roast at it! I have even catered for some rather important corporate events. The guests at these corporate events seem to be very impressed by the freshly prepared aspect of hog roast and I think it sends out a bit of a message that the hosts really care that they provide a quality meal for their guests. I reckon little things like that make a big difference when it comes to doing business.

The Best Hog Roasts In Ravenstonedale

Hog roasting is hard work, so I shouldn’t really make it sound like a cakewalk. There is a lot involved in hog roasting that you simply can’t cut corners on. Choosing the right meat is just one of those things that simply has to be just right. For every hog roasting event I cater for, I hand pick the best possible whole pig I can get. In this respect I am very lucky because, in Cumbria, I have great meat suppliers more or less on my Hog Roast Ravenstonedaledoorstep. I know the suppliers well (I’ve cooked for many of them) and I know that their pigs are extremely well fed and looked after. That way I know that the meat they produce will be first class.

Not only will that whole pig be very tasty, it will go a long way, too. Just one whole pig is going to feed small army of Ravenstonedale guests. Over one hundred people from one pig is what I call great value.

Hog roast makes great party food. As you know, my first taste of hog roast was hot hog roast rolls and they were just magic, but you may be interested to learn that I have provided gourmet hog roast style meals for formal events. I can carve a hog roast hire Ravenstonedale like they do meat in a top restaurant, and I have to say it always looks incredible. Hog roast really is a versatile meat. I think you can now get an idea as to why I love my Ravenstonedale hog roast job so much!