Hog Roast Sedbergh

SedberghHave you ever wanted to work in a job where you actually felt you were making a difference to your customers? Ever wanted to get up in the morning knowing that you have a great day ahead and actually looking forward to work? What about that feeling you get when you get really positive feedback from complete strangers who say ‘we are going to recommend you to all our friends’? Some of us can only dream about getting such a job, and I was just such a person, but things have changed for me. Three years ago I made the best career move ever by becoming a hog roast hire Sedbergh caterer. Since that first moment, I have never looked back and I’m now enjoying all those positive aspects of being in a rewarding, positive job. Better still, I get to plough my trade Cumbria, one of most beautiful parts of the United Kingdom. A place I have loved all my life and certainly a wonderful place to cook that most traditional of meals, the hog roast.

The Best Hog Roasts In Sedbergh

My life as a hog roast hire Sedbergh chef could not be more brilliant. Sedbergh is a great place and the fact that is has such a small population of just a few thousand means that I FullSizeRenderam already known by most of the town’s folk. I was first attracted to Hog roast Sedbergh because of the beautiful Cumbria countryside but my partner had a different reason for wanting to live and work in these parts; books. Sedbergh has developed into something of a bibliophile’s paradise with a wealth of book shops. For my partner, this is like dying and going to heaven because she adores books of all sorts. That’s fine by me. It leaves me to concentrate on the small matter of hog roasting.

Hog roast Sedbergh and the surrounding area certainly keeps me on my toes. When I first started hog roasting, there were the signs that this was a feast on the up. More and more people who showing interest in hog roast. This, coupled with the new wave of TV chefs waxing lyrical on a seemingly daily basis about the huge benefits of quality meat and fresh cooking simply amplified what I was trying to promote and that was that hog roast is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a great value, great tasting catering option. It seems that the people of Sedbergh and the rest of Cumbria were listening as my diary is groaning at the seams with bookings. Maybe my partner can pick up a new diary for me in one of her bookshops?

Leaders In Our Field

It’s actually no surprise to see that hog roast is so popular in this region. It is after all great framing country round here, so the locals know a thing or two about great cooking and great meat. Talking of great meat, I make a great point of using only the best for all my hog roasts. That means regular trips to my favoured meat suppliers for fresh whole pigs. I know that these pigs are top notch and well reared and I also know that’s a guarantee of superb tasting meat. Of course, there’s a bit of work on my part before my clients can start tucking in. Actually, there’s a lot of work involved…but this is the bit I love best.

Hog Roast SedberghThat lovely whole pig soon has a new home and that is on my hog roasting machine. I love this machine in fact my partner tells me I treat it like a vintage car. Why not, I say? After all, this hog roasting machine goes from raw pig to incredible in just over six hours. Yes, I did say six hours and yes, it is a long time but a whole pig needs a good time to cook. Only after six hours can I serve my Sedbergh guests with the sort of succulent pork that you would expect from a top class hog roast. Crackling, too. Must not forget that. I am particularly proud of my crackling, in fact I believe it’s amongst the best, if not the best, you will ever taste.

Everybody has a favourite meal and pork may not be high on most people’s lists, but hog roast is different. Hog roast is pork but with a sprinkling of cooking magic. If you want a hog roast caterer to sprinkle a little magic over your special event, it’s time to get on the phone and go the whole hog.