Hog Roast Whitehaven

whitehavenJust what is it about being a hog roast hire Whitehaven caterer that is so special? It’s a good question, though I suppose you could ask anyone the same question. Why did you want to be a nurse, what’s so special being a shop owner…only they can tell you. As for me, well, I’m not sure that I can fully explain why I love my work so much. I know that I have always enjoyed cooking for people, that’s for certain.

The Best Hog Roasts In Whitehaven

I love the sense of satisfaction when somebody comes up to you and says thank you for a lovely meal. I love that feeling, so being able to cook for lots of people and with such a grand food as hog roast is really special. I started life as a hog roast hire Whitehaven caterer some three or four years ago. I was dead excited, this was my chance to really show people what I could so. I had done my research and I’d been to about seven or eight hog roasts before I took the reins myself. I went to all sorts of functions including weddings, corporate events, birthdays, a sportsmen’s night and a charity event. I Hog Roast Whitehavenwanted to see how it was done and pick up some useful tips along the way. I think I did pick up some useful tips and I am now putting them into practice when I cater for events in and around Whitehaven.

I am pleased that I got to be the caterer for this town. Whitehaven is a busy place and it’s home to more people than you may think, with about twenty five thousand living in the town, so there’s always demand for a caterer with my skills. Even more so now that hog roast is seen as a trendy dish! That’s right, I think I timed my hog roasting career perfectly because hog roast is really on the up. Not bad for a Medieval dish. Not long ago, you rarely saw hog roast at events such as weddings and birthdays but now it seems that more and more events round here are becoming hog roast Whitehaven events, with my help of course! These are actually great events and the hog roast always goes down a storm with everyone. It really is the perfect feel good party food and it’s amazing that it’s taken hog roast so long to get a foothold in this sort of market, though I do have my suspicions why that may be the case.

Leaders In Our Field

Hog roast looks and tastes expensive. I often think about this when I am hard at work at an event, I think how brilliant the whole pig on the hog roasting must look and how great it must be to actually have a chef cooking the meal for you. Then you compare that to some cellophane clad, prepared spread that has ready for a few hours. I don’t think that you can really compare the two. Hog roast looks and tastes a thousand times better, so maybe people have been put off thinking that they can’t possibly afford to bring in a caterer and have a hog roast Whitehaven function. Well, I have news for them. Hog Hog Roast Whitehavenroast is one of the best value catering options out there. Okay, I may be biased but consider this before you dismiss what I’m saying. Whenever I cook a standard sized hog roast, I can get over one hundred servings from that one pig. That really is a lot of meat and certainly something to consider if you are looking for great value per head at your event.

I love the travelling I get to do around Whitehaven and I’m getting to know more and more people in the area every time I cater at an event. It’s a great way to meet people and promote my hog roasting service! But I think the thing I love about hog roasting the most is that sense of satisfaction when everyone has their food at a function and they are tucking in. It all goes a bit quieter then and I think to myself ‘I hope they are enjoying their food’ when I know very well that they are. The smiles and looks of contentment soon tell me that.

Yes, I am going to try and promote hog roast Whitehaven because that is my line of work but I think that anyone can see that hog roast really is the smart choice for any special occasion meal.