Hog Roast Wigton

FullSizeRenderWith wondrous works ready for events in Wigton there is no better time than now to call upon the stylish dining service of Hog Roast Wigton. We make events just that – an event! With our novel dining practices and traditionally made roasts your event benefits from a stylish dining experience and a spectacle like no other.

It is perfection on a cooker just for your event! By turning to the age-old hog roast, and cooking it up in the proper manner of rotisserie style spit roasting, roast dining takes on a classic look with a modern taste. Whether you want us for a wedding, corporate affair, party, or dinner party, Hog Roast Wigton are confident that we’ll impress with our most exquisite hog roasting cooking style.

We don’t just call our spit-roast a speciality because of its great taste, we also know just how special it is too to watch be made, as we prepare the hog fresh and carefully in front of you on the day of your event. The slow turning action of the spit allows the meat to come to an almighty level of perfection. Texture comes balanced and neatly crisped, while the meat inside remains oh so juicy and flavoursome! Believe us, the mouth-watering wait is worth it once you bite into one of our special pulled-pork rolls. It really is a must have for any event!

Roast Dining Made Right In Wigton

Hog Roast WigtonOur team here at Hog Roast Wigton are devoted to bringing out the very best in every one of our jobs; they will ensure that your guests are well catered for with a friendly attitude, and their expert knowledge on all thing’s food will ensure that you are given the very best in catered dining. We provide an extensive menu of various alternative meat choices, as well as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options to ensure that every tummy goes away satisfied at our event. We’ll serve our foods in whatever manner fits your event – whether its set dining or buffet style, formal or informal, Hog Roast Wigton has the solutions for you.

So don’t miss out. Make sure to give Hog Roast Wigton a call today for all your catering needs!