Hog Roast Cockermouth – Wedding Bells

This autumn, Jason was marrying his beautiful finance in a fantastic barn conversion in Cockermouth. They had a huge guests list as they had invited 130 people to join them to celebrate. However, this presented its own problem as the couple would need to provide all of their guests with fantastic food which they would all enjoy. The couple decided the use the Hog Roast Cockermouth team to cater a brilliant buffet for them.

Hog Roast Cockermouth   The couple had selected a hog roasted pig to serve to their guests and had added a casual side of chips to complement their relaxed evening meal. The head chef, James, led the Hog Roast Cockermouth team through the service and they provided a great friendly atmosphere for the guests. The had the food ready right on time at 7:30 pm and, as the Hog Roast team had cooked the food on their set up outside, they served it inside along a buffet table so the guests did not have to brave the cold while selecting their evening buffet picks. They were provided with a fantastic variety of food options so there was something for everyone at the buffet.

With Jason and his finance, now Mr and Mrs Kay enjoyed the food along with their guests, many of which enjoyed multiple portions and the Hog Roast Cockermouth team ensured that there was plenty to go around for their 130 guests. The wedding party was a fantastic success and the Hog Roast ensured that the brilliant atmosphere of the wedding was sustained.  They had a fantastic time and it great way to start off Mr and Mrs Kay marriage.

The best part about the Hog Roast team is that they can serve an event of any size with their variety of menus in order to match everyone’s tastes. With vegetarian options and light sides, to rustic meats and substantial complementing dishes allow you to find the food that will suit your event. The Hog Roast team offer a wide variety of menus from casual outdoor parties to formal wedding dinners with fancy deserts and, therefore, are perfect for any event.